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Messianic Vision with Sid Roth

Shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus as his Messiah in the 1970s, Sid Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program. Initially, Sid interviewed only Jewish people who believed in Jesus. Over time the program has expanded to cover many different topics such as healing miracles, supernatural encounters (of the God kind), intimacy with God, prophecy, evangelism and more. Today, the daily 15-minute show reaches across America, impacting tens of thousands with a powerful message that encourages and heals.
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7:15 am Eastern: PowerPoint - Jack Graham
8:00 am Eastern: Turning Point - David Jeremiah
8:45 am Eastern: The Connection - Skip Heitzig
9:30 am Eastern: Trailblazer Broadcast - Albert Pendarvis
9:45 am Eastern: Messianic Vision - Sid Roth
10:15 am Eastern: Daily Hope - Rick Warren
If the world’s got you down, if you’re struggling or if you’d just like to let us know what God is doing in your life, we would love to pray about it with you.

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