Welcome!  Please consider taking our Freedom Radio FM Listener Survey

We are interested in knowing how you feel about our current lineup of teachers, what kind of services you would like to see us offer, and how well our radio signal reaches you.  Your input will be individually read and used to help us improve our broadcasting.

While you are not required to provide us with your address, we do ask for that information as we broadcast in many different regions and knowing where you are located is very helpful in our effort to improve.  Your information will not be shared with any third-party.

How many times per week do you listen to Freedom Radio FM?
Where do  you listen to Freedom Radio FM?

Are there issues receiving the Freedom Radio FM radio signal in your home or office?
* Examples include fading away, crackling sounds, white noise, sounds from other stations.

What is your favorite program on Freedom Radio FM?
What is your least favorite program on Freedom Radio FM?
Would you be interested in a Freedom Radio FM mobile app?
Would you be interested in an on-demand broadcast of your favorite teacher on our website?
Are there any changes you'd like to see or additional comments you'd like to share?

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